Challenger ready…


Waves away the dust in his face and shines the dim flashlight into the darkness.

“Good lord.  It’s been awhile,” he says, gingerly walking into the space, brushing aside cobwebs as he goes.  “Who knew the Internet could collect so much dust and cobwebs in a year and a half?”


BAH!  It’s actually been nearly a year and a half since my last post.  That’s not acceptable.  NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few weeks.  The 30 Character Challenge probably is, too.  I should really do some house cleaning.  This place is a mess.

Every now and again I like to take up some sort of challenge to try to spark my creativity.  So when I got the email from Jeff Goins talking about a blogging challenge, I thought “hmm…I have a blog.  I could use a challenge.  I’ll do it!”   I then proceeded to wait until the last minute to fully sign up and read the first challenge.  Heck, the thing started today and I hadn’t seen the first challenge until about twenty minutes ago.  It’s going to be a long twenty one days.

So what’s the first challenge?  Update the About Me page.  Jeff gave some great advice on what should be included and I reviewed what I had.  Overall, I think it had all the basic points he outlined, but I wasn’t happy with the structure.  I’m still not, but, hey, the challenge is about improving, right?  So have a look around and let me know in the comments what you like and don’t like, or what I should add/remove*.

Thanks for stopping by!



*am I the only IT guy who writes “add/remove” and automatically wants to add “programs” after it?  I am, aren’t I?