Donations and giveaways…

“I could die.”

“You’re not going to die.”

“But I could.  I haven’t been on a bike in a decade.”

“Yeah, you’re probably going to die.”

That was the conversation I had back in 2008 before doing my first MS150 ride.  For those unfamiliar, the MS150 is 150 mile bicycle ride that starts in Proctor, MN, just outside of Duluth, on a Saturday in June and ends the next evening somewhere in the Twin Cities metro area, usually at the top of what feels like a small mountain.  The ride raises awareness of MS and proceeds go to benefit the MS Society of MN.  This year’s ride is this Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 June, 2013 and will be my sixth year riding.

I’m still not sure I won’t die.  🙂

In years past, I have bombarded my friends and family with constant Facebook messages pleading for donations for weeks or months before the event.  I’m not doing that this year.  I decided to do something just a little different.  First, on 14 June, I’m going to draw names of two donors, each of whom will receive a Target gift card as a thank you for supporting me and, more importantly, the cause.  Secondly, I’m giving you the opportunity to decide something personal; whether or not I shave before the event.

You see, over the winter I generally let my beard grow out and I think I’ve let it go for a bit longer than I generally do.  As a result, it’s gotten rather long.  Not quite Duck Dynasty long, but certainly longer than I’m used to.  Normally I would shave it down to a goatee prior to this ride, but I’ve gotten so many comments on it that I’m going to leave it up to y’all.  Make a donation and leave the comment “Shave it” or “Keep it.”  Whichever has the most money attached to it by 0700 (7 AM) on Friday, 7 June, is what I’ll do.

You can donate at:

Thanks in advance for your support!