About me

I am Micheal and today I am dead.  Today we are all dead…

What?  I’m not First Omet’iklan?  Well, shoot.

I’m an “IT professional” and wanna be writer in his late 30’s (for less than another year, anyway) who took an odd turn about twenty years ago and ended up in a deep dark woods that he came out of a few years ago and found himself looking across an ocean to where he’d intended to be.  This blog is about getting from where I am to where I want to be.

Not a travel blog.

I should point out that this is not a travel blog.  The title comes from a line from a Flogging Molly song.  The line goes “There’s an ocean between where I am and where I want to be.” and it resonated with me.  The “ocean” is a proverbial ocean.  An ocean of doubt.  An ocean of troubles.  An ocean of uncertainty.  An ocean of poor decisions.  This isn’t to say that there will never be any posts about travel.  I have been known to move about a bit and may post about that.  There may be a time in the future where I make a journey across an ACTUAL ocean as well.  But, for now, it’s about the journey to become the man I want to be.

What it is (what it was.  What it shall be…bygones)

Something I lost in the Dark Woods was my creativity.  Before that part of my journey I wrote stories, penned poetry (something I still remember making a TA in college very excited), drew pictures, and generally just feel like I created more.  Somewhere I stopped doing that.  Every now and again, usually in moments of pain or heartache, I found the muse to do something, but never anything lasting.  I’ve been trying to get that back since stepping out of the Dark Woods and just haven’t gotten there.

On this site, I will write about what is important to me.  I’ll write my opinions and I’ll write what things I can draw out of that bit of inspiration that still lives somewhere deep in side of me.   If you glean some knowledge or insight from it and can apply it to your own journey through life, awesome!  Please tell me about it!  If you disagree, that’s okay, too, and I still love to hear about it.  This is probably going to be a long journey, so I could use the company.

For the record, today is a good day to die, but we can talk about that later.